BitsfineA Brand New Simplified and Rationalized Way Of Using Cryptocurrencies

Set your foot in the extraordinary world of Bitsfine. Bitsfine is here to broach and introduce you to a new ecosystem that has magnified and simplified the use of cryptocurrency for one and all!

What is Bitsfine?

Bitsfine is a platform offering a brand-new simplified, and rationalized way of using cryptocurrencies. The platform's core offerings are; utility tokens, banking services, debit cards, and DeFi services.

The Bitsfine company will offer utility and banking services, whereas some significant gaming and social trading platforms will accept the BFNT tokens. At the social trading platform, anyone can invest in trading without in-depth knowledge about it. Users will get assistance from professional traders who will trade for them and share the profit.

The platform has a huge variety of gift cards and vouchers, directly payable in BFNT tokens and other major cryptocurrencies, at ease. The BFNT tokens can be transferred into participants' debit cards and transacted into fiat currency at ease through ATMs. The BFNT token is a TRON blockchain token, which is very adaptable and scalable.


Bitsfine Core Offerings

Utility token

Cryptocurrencies still lack to facilitate their users a real-word transaction facility. A crypto holder should be able to use crypto tokens/coins with the hustle of converting into fiat currencies. The process is sometimes so lengthy that peeps get tired of it and get irritated. This problem exists in the arena of blockchain, but the solutions are still unanswered. Therefore, Bitsfine came into the picture and offers its utility token that can be used for various day-to-day life activities like hotel booking, flight booking, and much more.

Banking services

If you think of having an account in an international bank and an international debit card, it will be very skeptical and burdensome. Therefore, it has put its magical hands in banking services as well. To be precise, Bitsfine wants to serve its global audience. Consequently, it offers international bank accounts, international debit cards, and swift global payment solutions.

DeFi services

In this decentralization world, everyone is behind embracing developing different DeFi protocols that offer multiple benefits like lending, borrowing, staking, and more. Therefore, Bitsfine has announced a promising DeFi project with lucrative returns than any other market project.

Debit Card

A standard debit card is used to transact money from ATMs through their bank accounts. So, what Bitsfine debit card can be used for? At Bitsfine, cryptocurrencies can be transferred into Bitsfine prepaid debit cards and withdrawn in the form of fiat currencies at ease through ATMs.


Our Benefits And Other Offerings

Broad ecosystem

Our comprehensive ecosystem offers utility tokens, banking services, debit cards, and DeFi services.

Robust system

Bitsfine system is remarkably robust, where no transactions can be manipulated.


If users do not want to reveal their complete contact details, they can easily use the platform with minimum KYC.

UI/UX design

We offer a smooth user interface that helps in facilitating quick transactions in cryptocurrencies.

DeFi services

Bitsfine’s DeFi project combines trust of DeFi technology maximum returns.

Gift cards and vouchers

The platform offers multiple gift cards and vouchers that can be accepted across the globe.

Debit card

One can easily convert their crypto amount in fiat and then transfer it to their debit cards and transact it through ATMs around the globe.

Global access

Bitsfine facilitates its service of trading, gaming, card, and transferring of cryptos across the globe.

Banking services

Banking services can be done with the help of the BFNT token easily.

Bitsfine Coin-BFNT

  • Bitsfine coin is a type of coin that focuses on ease-of-use and adaptability.
  • It focuses on the existing crypto users and the non-crypto users, who find it much difficult to deal with cryptocurrencies, to embrace it.
  • There is no restraint or any limit on the trading amount. A person can even trade with the smallest amount of 100 USD.
  • It can be seen that the cryptocurrency value fluctuates a lot and the transaction time is longer. This has been taken care of at bitsfine. The transaction time is significantly less, due to which Bitsfine coin (BFNT) will escape the market's volatility.
  • Now, coming towards the transaction fees. Transaction fees are zero now.
  • Bitsfine token BFNT does not need to be converted into fiat currencies, and it can be directly used by the users to shop.
  • With the help of a bitsfine prepaid card, users can withdraw cryptos in fiat through ATMs.
  • Major gaming portals that have numerous gaming options will accept the BFNT token.
  • The Bitsfine platform will offer banking services like international bank accounts, international debit cards, and swift global payment solutions without a mess.
  • All DeFi services like lending, borrowing, staking, etc., can be done easily with the Bitsfine (BFNT) TRON token.
  • BFNT tokens will be accepted at major social trading platforms, where anyone can trade and invest without in-depth knowledge of trading. You can avail of the service of professional traders who will trade for you and share the profit.

Have a look on how it started and how its going now:

Road Map

  • Initial conceptualization and first board meeting
  • April 2020
  • Formation of technical team
  • June 2020
  • Name verification and domain registration.
  • November 2020
  • Incorporation of holding company.
  • December 2020
  • Formation of marketing and legal team
  • Agreement with the gaming platform
  • January 2021
  • Token Wallet creation and deployment
  • Mobile application alpha releases
  • Agreement with the social trading platform
  • European company registration process started
  • February 2021
  • Appointment of social media and community management team
  • Mobile application beta release (iOS and Android)
  • Team setup for merchant onboarding
  • March 2021
  • ICO website launch(Pre sale)
  • Banking services and international debit card licensing started
  • May 2021
  • ICO Sale
  • Hotel booking feature will be added
  • June 2021
  • Online gaming platforms will start accepting BFNT Tokens
  • August 2021
  • Social trading platforms will start accepting BFNT Tokens as transaction fee.
  • November 2021
  • Will initiate international debit card and banking services
  • February 2022
  • BFNT will be listed in exchanges
  • March 2022
  • DeFi project will be launched
  • Mobile app

    Bitsfine App

    • Apps on mobile phones are the need of the hour. Therefore, we are here offering you the liberty to use the bitsfine app and enjoy all the benefits at your fingertips at peace. It will have all the features and functionalities of the bitsfine platform.
    • You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple to buy BFNT tokens.
    • The BFNT token transactions are much faster, secure, and cheaper than other currencies.
    • As the Bitsfine app offers various transactional opportunities, BFNT will be one of the most transacted tokens in the future.
    • As per the investor's view, BFNT will be a secured and precious asset for the future.
    • Bitsfine welcomes merchants across the globe to benefit from this futuristic ecosystem.

    Why BFNT?

    Usage of cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially in the market by banks and financial institutions. They are hugely investing in cryptos and blockchain technology. But still, crypto holders find it difficult to convert them into fiat currencies to use them for real-world transactions. All of this comes to an end with bitsfine. With bitsfine coin-BFNT, you can complete all your day-to-day transactions at ease.

    Our data

    Token Distribution

    • Name: BFNT
    • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, Ripple.
    • Angel Investors : 5%
    • Founders share : 10%
    • Pre-sale : 10%
    • Reserve : 10%
    • Promoters and advisors : 20%
    • ICO 45%
    Buy Token
    • Angel Investors- 5%
    • Founders share- 10%
    • Pre-sale- 10%
    • Reserve- 10%
    • Promoters and advisors- 20%
    • ICO- 45%

    Our Team

    Our Team

    Tea Zautashvili

    Legal Advisor

    Anand V

    Blockchain Consultant

    H.H Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Qassimi

    Sponsor - Prepaid Card Division,UAE


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